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Baby Car Seats

Keep your child safe and comfortable with a brilliant baby car seat from Bebehaus. Regardless of whether utilized for short treks around town or longer getaways to visit family out-of-express, a car seat is a travel must for guardians and babies that is certain to get utilize season after season. Shop car seats for all ages from baby car seats for babies to convertible car seats that develop with your child and promoter seats that are intended for more seasoned children. We likewise carry a wide combination of car seat frill, including sun shades, travel sacks, and car seat toys, helping you and your child to go in style.

Simple to introduce, look over several baby and little child car seat outlines from put stock in brands. Gloating elements, for example, flexible five-point saddles and vitality retaining froth on account of effect, the greater part of our car seats for little children and babies experience thorough testing and meet or surpass safety benchmarks.

Newborn child car seats are measured for babies 2 to 18 kg and up to 80 cm. Raise confronting with newborn child head-bolster pads, our newborn child seats are both safe and comfortably for baby. Despite the fact that baby will in the long run exceed their newborn child seat and should change to a forward-confronting car seat, one preferred standpoint to the newborn child just car seat is that they can regularly be utilized as a component of a travel framework. Travel frameworks, which incorporate both a baby car seat and a stroller combo, dispose of the need to unfasten baby as you move from car to stroller, considering a consistent move while running errands or setting out on a family excursion.

To a great degree flexible, another alternative is a convertible car seat, which are 3-in-1 car seats, with a back confronting position for babies 2 to 20 kg, forward-confronting tackle for little children 10-30 kg, and high-back sponsor seats for children 30 to 100 pounds. Augmentation boards and different position headrest changes enable baby to safely ride raise confronting longer. As children exceed their forward confronting car seats, they are the prepared for a sponsor seat. We carry promoter seats with and without backs for children up to 50 kg.

Put your child's safety and comfort first. Investigate the colossal choice of little child and baby car seats accessible at Bebehaus today!