A Guide Choosing Baby Carriers in Malaysia

Baby carriers are essential for parents. Buying the wrong type of baby carrier can cause discomfort for your baby and you as well. With so many brands, types, and variations in the Malaysian market, deciding which carrier to purchase can be a daunting task. Below is a detailed guide to help you select the best carrier for your child.

Why Buy a Baby Carrier?

Baby carrier is important to provide sufficient support for new born babies, to young kids. Babies love being held close and carriers allow you to do just that. In addition, you get to attend to other tasks while keeping your little one happy and comfortable.

Baby Carriers- Main Types

Modern baby carriers come in a wide range of designs and styles suited to your taste and budget. There are five types of child carriers: slings, wraps, soft-structured carriers, mei-tais, and frame backpacks. It’s important to choose one that suits all your needs and budget as well.

Selecting the Best

Baby carriers are extensively popular in Malaysia, hence many suppliers promote varieties of different types. Even with the market offering many types of carriers with compelling and innovative designs, it’s surprising how these choices often leave parents more confused about what to purchase. The best carrier is one that can work perfectly for newborns to toddlers and allow you to seamlessly shift carrying positions while still retaining comfort throughout. 

Here are the key considerations to keep in your mind when selecting a baby carrier in Malaysia.

Consider the Age of the Baby

Baby carriers should be opted that will provide enough neck support for infants. This is because at this age, the child has not developed enough neck strength to support/his or her head. A sling will fit any size of a child; from a newborn to a toddler. Mei-Tais will fit perfectly from birth up to when the child is 18months old. Stretchy carriers are suitable early on but will be outgrown from around 8-10 months. 

Ergonomics of the Carrier

Baby carriers are supposed to provide ergonomic support. To begin with, the baby has to be safe and comfortable. The major ergonomic factor of a child carrier often measures how safe and comfortable the carrier is for the infant and the person handling it. Since babies are still in their formative stages, it’s important to choose an ergonomically-designed unit that will not interfere with their natural growth.

Ease of Use

According to many parents, ring slings are the most difficult to use. However, they are flexible and versatile as compared to other types. The modern ergonomic soft-structured carriers are user-friendly as they simply involve placing the child in and out and buckling up. On the other hand, baby pouches have no buckles, snaps, or rings. It’s best to choose a carrier that is easy to use.

Quality and Pricing

With the market flooding with different brands of baby carriers, it’s hard to know which one is of inferior quality. In this case, only choose a carrier from a manufacturer who has a proven record of quality and safety. As for pricing, be sure to choose a high-quality carrier at an affordable price.


While some baby carriers are specifically built with functionality in mind, others take into consideration unique styles and designs. You may want to select a carrier with an attractive color and design or choose different colors to create a pattern.

Before shopping around for a baby carrier in Malaysia, you could check for ideas online as there is a wealth of information on selecting the best.