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How do I participate?

In order to join the program, just click "Create an account". Once you have done it, you are welcome to participate in all actions we have prepared for you to earn points.

How can I earn points?

You can earn points by completing actions listed in rewards tab. Just click on "Rewards" tab to see the list of activities available for you to take part.

How can I spend my points?

It's very simple and straightforward. Just click on "Rewards" tab and you will see the list of all discounts you can redeem your points for. So you can greatly boost your savings.

How do I check my Royalty Points and Rewards?

In-Store To check your Royalty Points, you may drop an email at

Online Just log into your account, and click on the "Rewards" icon on the bottom left hand corner of the web page to view your current points.

Will my Royalty Point expire?

Each Royal point earned is only valid for 365 days. That is 1 year for you to earn as much and spend it all. Do take note that you will need to maintain your points to stay in a tier. If the points expire, you may fall out and lose some exciting benefits that you've been enjoying so far.

Can I use my points in Bebehaus online store?

Yes. But you will need to convert your points to a cash voucher and then redeem it during payment at checkout.

Can I use my points in Bebehaus physical store

Yes. We will assist to convert your available Royal Points to cash vouchers in the store first which you can then use as a payment.

Can I use my Royal Points as cash?

Sorry, we don't allow Royal Points to be exchanged into cash. You will need to convert into cash voucher first before using it for payment.

How much do I pay using points if my bill is RM100

Example: If you have 5000 points and your bill is RM100, then you can redeem the 5000 points into an RM50 voucher. You just need to add RM50 cash/card to complete the transaction. Earning points is quite easy. Find out here on how to earn more points.

I just spent RM1000, how much Royal Points did I earn?

You will get 1 Royal Point for every RM1 spent. So if you spent RM1000, that is 1000 Royal Points for you.

How do I identify myself as a member in store?