Baby Car Seats

Keep your child safe and comfortable with a brilliant baby car seat from Bebehaus. The baby car seat has become an essential item for parents for short daily journeys, long car rides or for travel and vacation. While shop for car seats you will notice there is a wide variety available for a all different baby age groups. 

Isofix, Isosafe and 3 Point belt installations are available. With Isofix being the safest. You have options for Rear an Forward facing positions for the baby as well. With long usage capabilities from birth right up to 36kg (approx 12 years). Head rest adjustments and multiple recline positions for added comfort and safety. 

Excellent features in terms of safety for head, shoulder and hip and tested to international safety certifications and benchmarks such as ECE R44/04, ECE R129/00 (i-size).  

Newborn baby car seats are designated as Group 0:  Birth to 13kg,  Group 1: 9-18kg, Group 2: 15-25kg, Group 3: 22-36kg

Put your child's safety and comfort first. Research thoroughly the important choice of your little childs and baby car seats available at Bebehaus today!