When you start school at the latest, you will need space to do your homework and a children’s desk. As a matter of course, we pay attention to the correct size, function and quality of clothes, shoes and toys as children grow up. 

When designing an ergonomic workplace that is used over a longer period of time, we unfortunately pay far too little attention to good posture and ergonomic children’s furniture. Often the children do their homework at the dining room table, which can lead to a bad posture because the legs are in the air or the back is not straight because the table top cannot be tilted. 

This can lead to significant back pain or headaches. That is why children need ergonomic and back-healthy furniture that is tailored to the proportions of the body – and that in every development phase. Depending on the growth spurt, the children’s desk must be adjusted by a few cm 1 to 2 times a year. 

It is important that the children’s desks are height-adjustable and that the table top can be tilted for upright and ergonomic sitting. The high-quality, ergonomic children’s furniture from moll gives every child and young person the freedom to playfully develop their own learning methods and adapt them to current tastes. The interchangeable color elements and additional attachments supplied from the start offer space for personal preferences and individual study.