bbluv Noze Manual Nasal Aspirator-Bebehaus
bbluv Noze Manual Nasal Aspirator-Bebehaus
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bbluv Noze Manual Nasal Aspirator

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RM69.00 each

Safely and efficiently remove mucus from your baby's stuff nose with the Nöze!

This easy-to-use nasal aspirator designed for infants and toddlers can help to clear their obstructed airways while the innovative smart valve prevents mucus from passing into the mouthpiece. Its compact design makes it very portable and the soft flexible silicone tip won't irritate the inside of your baby's nose.

  • 100% medical-grade (FDA approved)
  • No filter required and easy to clean
  • Easy to sterilize (compatible with the bblüv Üvi sterilizer)
  • Large mouthpiece allows full suction control
  • Includes a practical travel and storage case
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Dimensions when folded in storage box: 4.6 in. x 3 in. x 1.3 in. (11.7 cm x 7.6cm x 3.3 cm)