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Cheekaboo Legionnaire Hat - Navy Blue Surfer

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Protect your child's delicate skin from harmful UV rays by wearing this UV protective Legionnaire Hat today!

Our super lightweight & stretchy UV Protective Legionnaire Hat is designed to provide maximum comfort to your precious ones under summer heat. It protects their little ears, face & neck from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You will be amazed that your cute lil ones might not even notice that it’s on their head :)

Sun protection for an active lifestyle in water or on land. Great for walks around the park, stroll at the beach, and more.


Features & Benefits: 


* UPF 50+ Rating 

Blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays to ensure all time protection for your precious ones on the beach or in the pool. 

 * Soft & stretchable  

Made with super lightweight material to ensure maximum comfort & easy fit.

 * Wide Brim and Flap

Specially designed to provide 360° protection around their face, ears & neck.

 * Fabric that cools and dries quickly

Made with quick drying & cooling fabrics

 * Multi-functional  

Can be worn in and out of the water