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Suzuran Cotton Sheet 80 Pcs (Multipurpose Dry Cotton Wipes)

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100% Plant-Based, Skin-Friendly Dry Cotton Wipes 
Cotton Sheet is lovingly made from 100% Japan Medical Use Standard Absorbent Cotton. With no chemical, additives or fluorescent agent added, it is made for gentle and easy cleaning for your family - your babies, children and also yourself. What's more, it is very soft and gentle to touch. 

Non-allergenic Cotton Wipes
Cotton Sheet is lint-free, leaving no residue on skin during and after cleaning hence making it skin-friendly and allergy-free for your family. It is especially ideal for those who have sensitive skin and/or skin and nose allergies such as sinus.

Strong, Durable & Tear Resistant
Our natural Cotton Sheet is made thicker, stronger and more durable to clean and wipe skin areas or any surfaces than conventional tissue or wipes. Its tear resistant feature also makes cleaning easy, effective and fuss-free.

Highly Absorbent Multipurpose Wipes
Our Cotton Sheet is large and highly absorbent for any cleaning purposes. It can be used wet or dry for:

  • Baby Care – Cleaning baby during mealtimes, wiping sweat and drool, etc.
  • Personal Care – Prenatal/post-physiological cleaning, removing makeup, etc.
  • General Cleaning – Sanitising and cleaning surfaces with water, sanitiser or any cleaning solution, household cleaning, etc.

Environmental Friendly
Choosing Suzuran Baby means choosing to minimise waste. All our products are biodegradable, including Cotton Sheet However it is not flushable, please dispose with regular rubbish after use. 

Product Specifications: 

Packaging Dimension:
(W) 20cm x (H) 6cm x (L) 10cm

Product dimension:
20cm x 20cm

100% pure Japan medical use standard absorbent cotton

Product Packaging:
80 pcs/pack