Lunavie Nipple Protectors-Bebehaus
Lunavie Nipple Protectors-Bebehaus
Lunavie Nipple Protectors-Bebehaus
Lunavie Nipple Protectors-Bebehaus
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Lunavie Nipple Protectors

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RM25.00 each
Lunavie Nipple Protectors protect mom’s nipple while breastfeeding. Natural-fit shield helps with latch-on issues and flat nipples.

  • BPA FREE – Adopted high medical grade Silicone material. Non-toxic and Nitrosamine safe. And also odourless and tasteless during breast feeding
  • ULTRA-THIN & SOFT – Ultra-thin and soft silicone for flexibility and natural feel
  • SOLUTION FOR LATCH-ON ISSUE – Designed for small nipples or inverted nipples mothers to successfully breastfeed
  • PROTECTION – Help to protect sore or cracked nipple. Relieve the nipple soreness caused by breastfeeding
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE – It may aid the transition from breast feeding to bottle and it prevents baby from choking in early of nursing stage
  • Clean the breast and surrounding area
  • Moisten the protectors with water as this will help it stick to the skin
  • Push the protectors almost inside out and place gently over the nipple
  • Ensure the protectors sits comfortably over the nipple
  • Before first use place in boiling water for 1 minutes
  • Always wash in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water before and after use the product
  • Suitable for sterilization by steam, boiling or liquid solution