Moll Winner Vario Box-Bebehaus
Moll Winner Vario Box-Bebehaus
Moll Winner Vario Box-Bebehaus
Moll Winner Vario Box-Bebehaus
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Moll Winner Vario Box

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RM1,165.00 each
All moll desks and tables are height adjustable because they need to correspond to the user's height - just as our shoes have to fit our feet.

The tops of all moll desks can be tilted, since the sight distance between the eye and the document is much less in a child than in an adult, That is why the document should be brought nearer to the eye rather than the eyes to the document, as otherwise the child's back will be rounded, which in turn could cause backache and headache as well as other problems.

The desktops are continuously adjustable up to 30°, adjusting them is child's play as them adjustment process is assisted by two spiral springs in the desktop. Pulling on the handle under the desktop/drawer lowers it from ant position.

We have become far more health-conscious in recent years. Sitting properly is becoming increasingly important in times when children are sitting more than they are moving around. Specialists call sitting properly "Ergonomic sitting "

Winner Vario Box

This has a practical flap, e.g. for exercise books and note pads, in addition to the lockable drawer with automatic retraction. It can be hang up on the righthand or lefthand side under the desktop.