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Suavinex Anatomical Silicone Teats0-6M M

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Suavinex Anatomical Medium Flow T-1 Silicone Nipple 0-6m x2 has a medium flow perfect for smaller babies who are more gluttonous. In addition, its anti-colic valve prevents the baby from being uncomfortable and in pain.

This teat has an anatomical shape that exactly mimics the shape of the maternal nipple. In this sense, this essential for babies adapts perfectly to their palate and oral development. In this way, the baby does not find any form of breastfeeding strange since he has to use the same suction he does everywhere. In addition to all this, this teat also has an anti-colic valve. In this way, it prevents the baby from ingesting air and from gaining uncomfortable, painful, and irritating colic. Finally, this teat is really perfect for feeding babies while providing them with maximum comfort.


  • Ideal for: feeding babies breast milk, juice or high-liquid purees;
  • Special features: perfectly imitates the mother's nipple so that the baby does not find any way of breastfeeding strange; has an anti-colic valve that prevents the baby from taking in air;
  • Materials: BPA-free silicone;
  • Age: 0 to 6 months;
  • Includes: two teats.

How to use

Before using Suavinex Anatomical Medium Flow T-1 Silicone Nipple 0-6m x2, disinfect it. Then, simply attach the teat to the baby bottle and feed the baby. When the baby is finished being fed, re-disinfect everything or properly store the leftover liquid.

Product Indications

Medium Flow for Newborns