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Tommee Tippee No Touch Forehead Thermometer

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How do I measure my child’s temperature using the no touch thermometer?

Turn on the power by pressing and releasing the STAND-BY (ON/MEM) button once. The backlight will come on and the start-up sequence will begin.

When you power on the unit you will see the icon for measuring the temperature of your child’s forehead on the screen and you will hear 2 beeps. This is the default mode.

Hold the thermometer on or up to 4cm away from the center of your child’s forehead just between their eyebrows and hold it steady.

Press the START button and keep the thermometer in place until you hear a final beep.

You should now be able to read your child’s temperature on your LCD display.


What do the temperature readings mean?

>35.7° - 37.4°c (>96.3° - 99.4°F) Acceptable

>37.4° - 38.5°c (>99.4° - 101.3°F) Elevated

>38.5° - 42.2°c (>101.3° - 108.0°F) Possible High Fever