Tungku Bayi-Bebehaus
Tungku Bayi-Bebehaus
Tungku Bayi-Bebehaus
Tungku Bayi-Bebehaus
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Tungku Bayi

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RM12.90 each

This herbal Tungku for babies are parents favourite because it comes in cute fabric designs that wraps all the amazing herbs to be used in body pressing. It lasts for multiple uses and easy to store. 

Tungku Bayi contains:

1) Black Caraway Seeds
2) Black Pepper
3) Mustard Seeds
4) Fenugreek Seeds
5) Cumin Seeds
and more herbal ingredients.

Product Benefits:
1) Reduce tummy bloating
2) Prevents groin bloating (for boys)
3) Soothes any vaccination/immune shot areas
4) Soothes any bruises on skin
5) Soothes any insect bites
6) Gives a relaxing feeling to baby

How to use:
1) Place on the burner to heat up
2) Press gently all over the baby's body, targeting at tummy, back, chest and any other areas that needed
3) Recomended to use twice a day after bath

Keep in a clean and dry area

* Please take note we will send random design when order the Tungku Bayi. If you have a preferred colour, please indicate in remarks at check out or do contact our store for the availability.