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Tungku Herba Ibu

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This Tungku is specially made for mummies to be used during confinement period in a traditional way. It smells beautiful and helps to remove any stiffness or bloating from the body. 

The herbal Tungku is made from traditional recipe with many types of herbal ingredients from leaves and seeds that is naturally rich in source which gives a natural healing to the body. 

Product Benefits:
1. Treats body stiffness
2. Calms tight muscles
3. Prevents cramping
4. Removes wind from body
5. Helps in water retention
6. Improves blood circulation

The heat from the Tungku opens up the pores on the skin to absorb the herbs easily.

How to use:

– Steam or heat up using a burner for up to 20 minutes
– Press gently all over the body concentrating on areas such as tummy, back, legs and neck
– Reheat again when the Tungku starts to cool down before using again
– Recommended to use twice a day after bath


Keep in a clean, cool and dry place

*Burner is not included