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Yookidoo Stack 'N' Spray Tub Fountain

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Winner of the international "Toy Award." Water jet powered miracle in the tub. A magical fountain for hours of bath time fun. Suitable from 1-6 years old.


Product Features:

  • A battery operated tub fountain with a water circulating pumping system
  • Base draws water up through the center creating a magical fountain
  • 5 stackable boats and figures – each with a different water spraying effect!
  • Boats and characters float around the tub too!
  • Easy to operate – specially designed for small hands



Developmental Benifits:

  • Encourages independent play and exploration
  • Develops fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Spraying action stimulates baby’s senses of sight & touch
  • Teaches children cause & effect processes and concepts such as full/empty, float/sink, and high/low

Play tips:

    Celebrating bathtime™ while learning the power and properties of water – assemble the fountain and turn on when your child is sitting in the bathtub. Use the telescopic suction cup leg to anchor the fountain base to the tub. Switch between various boats, allowing your child to be surprised as he experiences the different water spray effects with his senses.

    What's inside:

    • 1 x Floating base with a figure-shaped on/off button
    • 3 X Boats of different sizes and water spray effects
    • 2 X Figures with unique water effects for each
    • 1 X Detachable leg with suction cup for anchoring