Bebehaus aims to provide a wide selection of baby products in Malaysia and across Asia. We carry baby carriers, baby strollers, baby bottles, baby car seats, breast pumps and many more items in our website. We recognize the ever increasing demand by parents for better and higher quality products. With such a wide choice of baby products it is important you find the right product for your needs and quality demands. With our 15 years experience in the baby business we hope to help narrow down the right product for you.

Bebehaus appreciates excellent design, safety, functionality, stimulating, comfort and quality of baby products for parents and baby. Over the years we have gathered many experiences from discussions with customers and our globally branded suppliers. This we hope to translate this into a carefully selected range of excellent baby products, starting from the baby's first stages of life right up to ergonomic study desk systems for children. We are confident that our selection will meet your needs best. Hence, you will find a wide choice of established global leading brands, only to offer parents nothing less than the very best. We stock many baby products that are innovatively designed to better help parents on their daily chores and child development.

Babies are like a gift from heaven. They are small and look simple, but selecting their accessories is never a small task. Once your baby is born, they are in their very formative stage both physically and mentally. Physically the body is still fragile and developing while on the other hand you have the mind which is absorbing all kinds of information from the left and right brain, working at full capacity. In this fragile formative development stage it becomes important to have the right products to help the infants growth and development. For example, throughwell designed products for stimulating good mental/physical development or others promoting parent baby bonding.


For more than 35 years, CONCORD's has strived to provide premium quality products. Our core competency is in the development of high-quality children's car seats which incorporate state-of-the-art safety technology. We have our own German and Spanish design team facilitating in the innovation of products. Since 2006, we have gradually expanded our product range. With our three product areas Driving, Moving and Living, we not only offer parents children car seats, but also buggies, travel systems and children furniture. The new Concord Reverso Car Seat aims to be the new benchmark setting carseat to follow and has already won the prestigious IF Design Award. Then we have the Mother & Baby Gold award for the Transformer XT amongst others.

Maxi-Cosi is a leading baby car seats specialist for over 25 years in child mobility. A baby car seat is important to make sure the safety of your baby during car journeys. Bebehaus entrusts Maxi-Cosi for its amazing product quality, and highly earned reputation for baby car seats. Maxi-Cosi baby car seats had utilizes the latest technology with leading safety experts and test institutions. Each Maxi-Cosi baby car seat is designed to cater exact needs for babies to achieve the top level of safety and comfort. Maxi-Cosi put your child's safety on the top priority in every product. Find all the latest baby car seats models for Maxi –Cosi from Bebehaus.
Stokke baby carrier & baby stroller are now available in Malaysia through Bebehaus' online shopping platform. Stokke has made every effort to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials for all baby carriers and baby strollers products. Stokke products are designed to encourage baby growth and to strengthen the bonds between parents and children. From the high parent-facing baby strollers to award winning ergonomic baby carriers and multipurpose line of adjustable seating solutions, all the products by Stokke prioritizes the needs of the child above all else. Choose from our huge variety of different baby carriers & baby strollers, with different features at Bebehaus baby online shopping platform.

Find the perfect baby travel strollers that matches you and your baby's lifestyle. Bebehaus offers different types of baby strollers in Malaysia with a variety of designs. Baby strollers is a quite expensive baby accessory to purchase. That is why it is important to buy baby strollers that can cater to you and your baby's preference and needs. For the convenience of the parents-to-be, we have a wide choices of baby strollers in our online store. To make it easier to choose, it pays well to take some time to do some research online according to your preferences.
Bebehaus highly recommends in getting a good quality breast pump and is a strong advocate for breast milk for the baby. A good breast pump is essential to keep up your milk supply when you need to be apart from your baby or to express that little bit of extra natural babies' milk for someone to take over a night feed and give you that little bit of extra rest. A breast pump allows breastfeeding mothers the flexibility to return to work and at the same time, to provide breast milk for their babies. There will always be situations where a pump comes in handy, especially if you're on the move. Bebehaus offers a number of single-user, personal electric breast pumps from selected brands such as Ameda, Medela and Rumble Tots. Browse through our breast pump collection to learn more about their specific features and benefits.

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